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With Growing Greeting we want to connect people and give them a unique way to express their feelings with our original greeting cards. We want to help people of all ages celebrate some of life´s most important events, let your wishes grow with a greeting card that last and you can also eat! We are also committed to be sustainable, we are very careful in choosing the materials and the companies that collaborate with us.


Microgreens can be your small garden of fresh vegetable trough the all year in your windowsill, growing them is easy and eating them is delicious!


We minimise our environmental impact and maximise our social impact as much as we can. Our seeds are all organic, the cards are packed by people with a distance from the labour market.


Our cards want to connect people, share the fun of playing with nature with your friends and family. It is always amusing to see a seed turn into a plant, but even more so if it turns into a monster, a beard or an owl!


Microgreens might be micro but they are actually full of nutrients! Microgreens like red cabbage contain up to 40 times higher levels of vital nutrients than their mature counterparts.

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