Microgreens can be your small garden of fresh vegetable trough the all year in your windowsill, growing them is easy and eating them is delicious!

You can forget the winter depression of no gardening and no fresh vegetables on your plate, growing microgreens is easy you just need some water and a little bit of sunshine.

So what are actually microgreens?

They are not sprouts and they are not a whole plant yet. They are baby plants around 3 to 8 cm tall. You can harvest the microgreens after aproxitemly 10 days after you have saw them. Only the stem and the leaves are considered edible, the seeds and the hemp matt can be composted and recycled!

What´re microgreens?


But why are microgreens so popular?

They started to be used in high end restaurants in the 80’s and they gained popularity ever since. It is because they are incredibly tasty and a splash of microgreens can enrich every recipe.

They might be micro but they are actually full of nutrients! Researchers have discovered that microgreens like red cabbage contain up to 40 times higher levels of vital nutrients than their mature counterparts. The flavor of microgreens is also more intense, so a little bit of these card-grown greens can go a long way to enhance a meal for a loved one.

How can I grow microgreens?

Microgreens are easy to grow and moreover, they can be grown in every season and they will add a fresh taste to all your dishes.

Place the seeds on the hemp matt and remember to keep it wet at all time, but without soaking the plants that will otherwise die off.  A small trick is to use warm water when it is really cold so you can speed up the process. Microgreens need sunlight to grow so place them near a window.

Around 7 to 10 days they will be ready to be harvested, microgreens can be harvested only one time.

How can I use the microgreens?

Let your imagination run wild and add microgreens to all your favorite dishes, microgreens do belong on pizza more than pineapple! So don’ t be shy and try adding them in your smoothie or on your pasta. One of my favorite combinations is pears and cheese and a splash of red cabbage microgreens spice up the dish in a perfect way.

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