On these dates we spend hours and hours thinking and looking for something to give to our loved ones, but what is it better to give away? material things or experiences?

After numerous studies, social psychology indicates that giving experiences makes people who give and receive happier.

According to a study conducted by the State University of San Francisco, the acquisition of experiences leads to greater happiness than to accumulate material goods, people today have more satisfaction yearning a trip, finding tickets for a concert or parachuting than for clothes, jewelry or some technological device.

Let me give you some reasons why investing in experiences might prove a much better idea:

1- Strengthens union:

By giving experiences we are reinforcing emotional bonds that unite the one who gives the gift as much as the one who receives it. Creating an experience and memories strengthens relationships in the long run.

2- Improves social interaction:

The experiences can be shared with other people in a more powerful way, either in the moment or remember it in time. In addition, the memories come to us more constantly, impacting our being before the actual occurrence (i.e. being excited by a trip), during the experience itself (relaxing in a spa) and after the enjoyment (the joy of remembering that day with your friends). Experience provides a more powerful, intense and pleasant memory in our brain.

3- Reaffirms your originality:

It is not the easiest option, so by giving experiences, you will be demonstrating that, apart from being an attentive person, you are also very original.

4- Shows the degree of connection with the recipient:

If you decide to give an experience as a gift (and you get it right!), you will show that you know very well the taste, desires, and aspirations of the recipient. This will reinforce the friendship or the sentimental bond that unites them.

5- Develops psychological strengths

When we live an experience, psychological strengths appear such as curiosity, passion for learning or vitality, which in turn increase happiness.

Which experiences can I give as a gift?

Giving experiences seems more difficult than it really is. It is not about spending a lot of money but rather about creating something unique and different. The trick is to think in small details and especially in finding the essence of the other person. We must choose elements that we know will really make them happy. Now let your imagination fly!


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