About Us

About Growing Greeting

On a cold spring morning biking trough the park I enjoyed all the new leaves sprouting after a long winter. In the meanwhile I was trying to figured out what to get as a special birthday gift and there it was the perfect gift would have been sprouting plants! So I started working on this new idea: Growing Greeting, original greeting cards that sprout edible plants.

Our story


We started this adventure, GROWING GREETING, with the goal of spreading the word: plants are cool!

Giulia: I have spent my whole life around plants, being the daughter of two agronomists. Growing up, botany became also my passion and I decided to make a career out of it.

I obtained a PhD in plant biology from Aarhus University, in Denmark. I studied aquatic plants and freshwater ecosystems. I canoed along lots of Denmark watercourses, fishing for plants, to collect samples. My studies brought me to engage in sustainability, starting with the small things: eating organic, biking and farming my balcony.

Bianca: I spent my childhood living in an apartment completely full of plants: my bathroom looked to me like a tropical rain forest and my windowsill like a scorching hot African savanna. My mother is an agronomist and my father has a real green thumb!

I then went on to become a graphic designer and Clorofille allowed me to reconnect with my longstanding interest in ecology. Clorofille brings together my passion for art and craft with my constant attention for environmental sustainability in my own life.

Our Team

What we do?

We create unique, original and sustainable gifts to let you connect with your loved ones, your wishes will grow into edible microgreens.

Where we operate?

We are a small company placed in the heart of Copenhagen, we sell our cards in on our website and small gift shops.